Laura Lin
Joined WSI in October 2022
Laura Lin

Laura Lin is an international affairs journalist from a multiracial and multinational background; she was born in the Philippines of Chinese-Indian origin. She studied Journalism in Melbourne, Australia, and pursued a master’s in International Studies, majoring in Public Relations in New York City.

Laura worked with a US-based Humanitarian and Development Agency for four years in Nairobi, New Delhi, and Amman as part of the research and development team. In January 2019, she started working with a Geneva-based Humanitarian organization while traveling between Tunis, Rabat, Casablanca, Ivory Coast, and Dakar; she is responsible for Public Relations and the Journalism department. She is currently based in Casablanca, Morocco.

Laura believes that language is information, and information is everything. She travels the world with a simple mission to build relationships with the community bringing art, language, and people together.

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