Hemchhaya De
Joined Meer in September 2022
Hemchhaya De

Hemchhaya De is an independent journalist based in Kolkata, India. She also works as an independent consultant (editing) with a global health organization.

Her career as a journalist spans more than two decades. She started out on the news desk of the heritage Indian newspaper, The Statesman. She had also worked with one of the leading Indian dailies, The Telegraph, contributing in-depth news features that took her to various parts of India and abroad. In fact, long-form features are where her heart lies.

She had also been a special correspondent with the UAE’s leading national daily, Khaleej Times, in Dubai. As a regional editor with Femina (a Times of India publication) – a magazine that has been at the forefront of highlighting women’s issues in India for the past few decades - she enjoyed meeting and writing stories on powerful women from all walks of life.

Hemchhaya prefers to remain a generalist in this era of overspecialization. Law, politics, health, art and culture, history and women’s issues are some of the subjects she is passionate about.

She pursued a Master’s in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex in the UK.

When she is not rushing to meet writing and editing deadlines, Hemchhaya tries to catch up on reading long classic novels. She is also a full-time pet parent.

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