Alec Slater
Joined Meer in September 2022
Alec Slater

I am a UK-based graduate of Philosophy, with an interest in the political and economic, as well as identity and meaning. I studied at the University of Manchester, achieving a first-class degree and learning under well-established academics. I’m a firm believer in the value of free exchange of information, and I aim to provide balanced and well-informed articles.

My writing is inspired by a desire to understand the world we live in and the people we connect with. I maintain a critical approach when analyzing systems and institutions and try to always remember the fundamentality of human behavior and interaction. Capitalism, socialism, democracy, oligarchs, dictatorships, etc., are all just people behaving a certain way. And so, I think if we can understand others and our own person, we can begin to understand our society.

I think it’s important to understand that ideas and opinions are often influenced and shaped by experience. Maintaining an awareness of how your experience shapes your opinion is a useful part of article writing. In other words, you must keep an open mind when attempting to learn. This is a principle I try to follow when writing, and one I ask you to keep in mind when reading.

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