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Rajveer Kular

After achieving a First-Class Honours in my Marketing and Advertising degree, I realised the 7 P’s of Marketing didn’t soothe my metaphorical itch. Therefore, I made the thrilling and pleasurable decision to expand the burden of my student debt, currently £35,000 and counting, to further dip my symbolic arm and leg into the art of Advertising and Communication. During my master's, it became evident that an effective advertisement transcended the objective allure of otherwise catchy headlines and aesthetically pleasing visuals. Instead, the crux lay in the notion of storytelling, a narrative that resonates with the masses, and anchoring conversation through the depths of consumer insights and fundamental human truths. Messages that reject superficial attraction instead hold a connection that is rooted in the psychological landscape and psyche of consumers; their fears, desires and aspirations extend beyond a transactional dialogue. Consequently, my academic journey not only broadened my intellectual horizons but also honed my perception of the multifaceted nature of effective communication. It illuminated the profound impact of storytelling, unveiling its potential as a catalyst for igniting conversations that delve into the realms of profound insight and understanding.

Surprisingly, one of the most intriguing revelations during my studies was the strategic use of negative characteristics to develop positive messages and outcomes. Not only does this apply to the advertisements you see while you wait for the bus or before you watch a YouTube video, but in a society with increasingly fragmented ideas and opinions. Conversation is becoming a treacherous minefield, where no answer has a joint consensus; traditional and religious beliefs tend to clash with logic and established research, objective positivism and subjective interpretivism combine like oil and water, and the cancel culture phenomenon shuns any acceptable of those who have evolved from previous mistakes. The disillusioned ‘truth’ has hindered society's moral compass; the arrow is simultaneously pointing North and South, with a need to be recalibrated. Even as I write this author profile, I realise I face the challenge of defining myself within limited parameters. Instead, I have been desperately highlighting somewhat impressive parts of myself in hopes that it encourages people to accept me, although those who read this will likely never cross paths with me in the outer world.

As I write these articles, I have one objective in this endeavour: to initiate a discussion. I implore you to share your experiences, suggestions, and knowledge, regardless of their unconventional nature. I even encourage you to disagree with my articles, not because I am argumentative or believe that my views are superior; if anything, I tend to avoid conflict if possible. Rather, I aspire to foster a social discourse that embraces various nuances and perspectives, facilitating and resonating collective growth by listening, learning, and evolving for the betterment of society.

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