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Ellie Henderson

Ellie Henderson is a recent graduate of English Literature and Politics from Scotland, UK. An aspiring professional journalist, she is currently writing on a freelance basis. Her primary topic of interest is politics and current affairs, given her academic specialties, but also writes about culture, travel, and entertainment.

Her writing background includes extensive academic writing and research, reporting on COP26 in Glasgow, political opinion pieces, music journalism, and reporting on current affairs.

Having earned a First Class Honours degree from a Russell Group university, Ellie also prides herself on her academic background. Her areas of academic specialty include US and Latin American politics, political communication, foreign policy, and American and Canadian literature. She has also studied Economics, English Language, and Film & TV.

She takes a particular interest in US politics, having written her thesis about the Left in the United States and the reasons for its electoral struggles.

Ellie’s other personal interests include culture, literature, travel, and music. As a huge fan of indie, alternative, and hip hop music, as well as live music and festivals, she thoroughly enjoys writing music reviews in her spare time.

She seeks to travel as frequently as possible and has a particularly affinity for Europe and the US, with her favourite destinations including the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Washington D.C., and New York City. She has studied Spanish Politics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and has qualifications in Spanish language.

Ultimately, writing is Ellie’s passion, and she has long held the aspiration of being a full-time journalist. Whether she is writing about the latest political development in Scotland, the best places to eat in Berlin, or the most influential musicians to come out of New York, she takes delight in the research, articulation, and expression that goes in to writing each and every piece that she produces.

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