Amy Daniels
Joined WSI in September 2022
Amy Daniels

Amy Daniels has worked on a variety of social and clinical research projects in the academic, government, and private sectors throughout the US. She is also a mom of two, one who had physical and cognitive disabilities due to a brain tumor.

After her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Amy found that she was living quite a different life than her suburban peers. She decided to start writing as both a way to express herself as well as share with others what she has learned from being in this role. Her articles have been featured in several parenting magazines and online journals.

Her recently released memoir, Reaching For Normal, chronicles her journey raising her daughter while also trying to maintain a “normal” suburban life. Like all of Amy’s writings, the book is raw, honest, and splashed with a bit of humor.

Amy enjoys travel, her family life, coffee, good food, and writing. She has lived in Connecticut, Colorado, and currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina.

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