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Amy Daniels

Amy Daniels is a professional, a mom of two, and a wife, currently living in suburbia USA. She is also a writer who shares what she has learned from being a parent of a child who had physical and cognitive disabilities due to a brain tumor. Her published memoir, Reaching For Normal, is available in most places books are sold.

After her daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of seven months, Amy found that she was living quite a different life than her suburban peers. While her daughter went in and out of the hospital for various appointments and surgeries, Emily’s friends went dancing classes and soccer practice.

Meanwhile, other parents were fretting about their child’s eating habits while Amy kept hearing, “The tumor is growing again.” Yet, Amy continued to try to fit in – her daughter actually making sure they did, despite her chronic medical needs and weakened right side of her body. Their circle of neighbors and friends also made it easy.

But then, when her daughter was almost eight years old, she suffered a major stroke while undergoing yet another brain surgery to debulk the tumor. Amy suddenly found herself a parent to an active toddler and an almost eight-year-old who could no longer talk, walk, or feed herself. Emily’s spirit remained shockingly unscathed, though, and it was she who reminded her family to smile, laugh, and finally accept that they were anything but ordinary.

Amy decided to start writing as both a way to express herself as well as share with others what she has learned from being in this role. In addition to her memoir, she has written many articles which have been featured in several parenting magazines and online journals.

In her spare time, Amy works as a project manager for a clinical research organization and appreciates learning about various medical studies and breakthroughs. Prior to this, she worked as a research associate on social and policy research projects in both academic and government settings.

Amy enjoys travel, her family life, coffee, good food, and writing. She has lived in Connecticut, Colorado, and currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina. She fantasizes about living in her favorite place, New York City, but will compromise with a suitable (i.e., more affordable) city to live a more urban life once her son has finished school.

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