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Daniela Varvara

Daniela Varvara was born in Brooklyn, New York. She expresses herself in her writing, which is inspired by her experiences in life and the things she is most passionate about: love, travel, and fashion.

She has been writing since her childhood. As a curious and intelligent child growing up in a busy city, she was never short of creative ideas for her stories. She was eight years old when she wrote her first short story, which was published in her neighborhood newspaper in Brooklyn. It was a very proud moment for her. The story was about winter in New York. Her inspiration for this story was right outside of her living room window as she observed the snowfall and people in the street.

Aside from her life in New York, another inspiration for Daniela’s writing is her culture and her family. Her father is Italian, and her mother is of Portuguese and Spanish descent. She travels frequently to Italy, mostly to Rome. She has also studied abroad in Spain, where she traveled throughout the country. She loves to travel and has visited many countries around the world. She is trilingual; a speaker of English, Italian, and Spanish. She understands and has some knowledge of Portuguese as well. She is also a mother, which has inspired her writing in many ways.

Overall, her varied work background has played a role in her basis of knowledge for her writing. She has worked in the following industries: legal (current industry), fashion, entertainment, and education (for which she holds an M.Ed. in Secondary Education). However, she feels particularly inspired by fashion for her writing. Daniela has a high appreciation for the art, beauty, and craftsmanship of the fashion industry. She loves to shop, dress up, coordinate outfits, stay current with fashion trends, and attend fashion shows. She feels that sometimes an outfit can tell a story without saying anything.

Although all these inspirations are important to Daniela, her number one inspiration is love. It’s love that motivates her to write her stories and to send messages of hope and love to her readers. Her goal is to convey positive thinking and optimism to her readers so that people show more love to each other and feel loved in return.

Daniela’s life philosophy is that we should truly live life, not just merely exist, so we should explore, experience, and enjoy the beauty and love in the world.

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