Lyne Jradi
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Lyne Jradi

I would like to begin with my name because it is the first thing we usually introduce ourselves with and the first thing that makes us stand out as ourselves. My name is Lyne. In Arabic, it means the soft, delicate, and gentle. In old Germanic, it means lake, but interestingly enough, it also means soft. I find this very intriguing that my name could mean the same in two separate and distant languages, it shows that even in the wideness of a world, some little things still collide... such as the meanings of names or common interests between people. After all, that's what makes us strive in a community despite us constantly chasing the solitary life. However, the solitary life is also necessary to observe society from a lens of oneness, and what other creative way could one use except for writing? This is who I was and who I still am today, the girl who sits in the back o the class looks out the window, and writes until the bell wakes her up from her deep slumber of imagination.

Growing up, writing grew bigger in my heart, and I wanted to pursue it further. Having to negotiate with my family my dream of studying English Literature was a very time-consuming challenge that I had surpassed with a lot of pain and effort. I seemed to disappoint my parents for wanting to become a writer instead of a doctor, especially since they saw that my grades could fit such a position. However, what is the point of studying something you don't love, and later on working with it? I see that as a waste of breath and life!

After convincing everyone that writing was the only thing that could save me, they gave up and eventually told me to do what I wanted, but they had a look on their faces that I am going to be a failure in society. Fast forward to three years of studying my dream, everything became a beautiful reality. I was inspired by people from both my society and others around the world! I was fascinated by the talents and use of words that extended beyond our time and place. Also, with the constant motivation and support from my professors and the department, I managed to earn my degree with High Distinction and an award in the field of humanities.

My parents who once had fear on their faces were now proud and boasting over the greatest writer in the family! Nevertheless, I never liked pride or boasting. I never considered myself the "best", for there is always room for becoming better and less room for becoming the "best". As many people stood in my way and continue to do so, I only aim to see this labyrinth of life as a chance to forgive. Despite the hurdles and the bundles of persistent pain, one can only forgive, learn, and continue to dream. Life has taught me to think, but thinking has not taught me to live. To live, one must dream.

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