Mitch Abdo

Born and raised in Beirut - Lebanon, Mitch Abdo is a musician, engineer, and entrepreneur. He earned his French Baccalaureate from Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour in 2008 and his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the Lebanese American University in 2013 where he also served as president of the Music Club.

Coming from a family of engineers, he also got the chance to develop his business and management skills within the family-owned Sroud 3a Broud Lebanese restaurant that was acquired by his parents in 2007, as well as starting his own contracting company in 2013 specializing in high-end construction and renovation projects.

Mitch's musical journey started in the early 2000s as he used to regularly sing and play the guitar on stage with his band. In 2017, he launched Maestro Music Center in Beirut with his brother Patrick who is also a musician and engineer, later expanding its branches to Dubai in 2021 and Erbil in 2022.

It was only until the late 2010s, after more than 15 years of musical development and self-study, that Mitch decided he wanted to start making his own music and releasing it. Growing up in the '90s and influenced by the post-era of Disco, Funk, Dance Pop, Rock, Jazz Fusion, and Electronic music, he developed a style of his own in the music he makes, which is best described as a genre-fluid modern indie pop with a hint of harmonic complexity to trigger the listener's ears with unusual chords and sounds.

Mitch’s first release in Summer 2021 “Sayf” - an Arabic disco funk dance track - took the Arab dance-pop scene to a whole new level and gathered hundreds of thousands of streams on streaming platforms. Later in Fall 2021, Mitch released "Bikaffi" - a nostalgic slow indie pop record - through which he shared his rather calm musical side, where he dives into a harmonic spectrum that immerses the listener into layers of reflection. Mitch's fan base is growing globally as his songs keep getting discovered on major platforms and Shazamed in all corners of the world every single day.

Mitch's originals to date are all in his Arabic mother tongue, but he promised to also release music in English and French in the future, which he also speaks (and sings) fluently.

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