Marianna  Popowska
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Marianna Popowska

Marysia has always had a traveler’s soul, even before she knew it. She was born in Germany to two Polish parents. Still, as a toddler, she moved to her native Poland where she lived most of her life. During her teenage years, she yearned to live outside of the borders she already knew. As a result, she spent a year in the USA, absorbing American culture and learning first-hand about cultural differences. Now, she’s studying at the University of Warwick, in England, where she’s pursuing a degree in English Language and Linguistics. Next year, she hopes to go to Spain to study there, and after that? Wherever life takes her.

From a young age, Marysia has always been interested in languages. Her passion grew stronger and stronger and now she loves learning about the intricate mechanisms that govern distinct languages and the processes that spur their constant change. She’s also passionate about sociolinguistics and intercultural communication, in particular, the complex issues surrounding identity formation and negotiation in different social contexts.

Whenever she has the chance to, Marysia enjoys traveling and learning more about the world around her. In the past, she has gone to Thailand, Italy, Spain, and many other countries. Each of the many places she has spent time in has left her with memories and experiences that have shaped her thinking and perspectives. Going to all of these vibrant, contrasting places has taught her about the world and the differences between various peoples, and is part of the reason she has such a passion for intercultural studies.

In her day-to-day life, Marysia is ardent to live her life sustainably. She has a strong sense of social justice for social issues - especially environmental and women’s issues. She is a firm believer in the power of making small changes: she has been a vegetarian for almost 6 years, attempts to use sustainable products where possible, and has further aspirations to live closer to nature in a mutually beneficial way.

Although Marysia does have some plans for the future, they are undefined. She’s in the process of discovering herself and understanding who she is and what life wants from her. For now, she’s aspiring to be an English teacher (as a foreign language), which would allow her to travel the world and meet a range of people on the way. She wants to be an English teacher to foreign students and inspire them just as she was inspired by her own English teacher. However, she has various interests she could pursue further.

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