Benedict  Oji
Joined Meer in May 2022
Benedict Oji

Benedict Oji is a seasoned management professional with nine years of business development and management experience spanning the banking and manufacturing sectors.

He is adept at content writing, an astute business-minded individual, a resilient entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of a plastic/polythene manufacturing firm in Nigeria.

His other business interest is farming; Benedict owns fairly large farmland where different types of animals and crops are grown for personal needs and commercial purposes. He enjoys and loves animals and natural habitats.

He is a Bachelor of Science degree holder in marketing from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. He has acquired several certificates in business development, management, financial management, and information technology.

Benedict has a vibrant social life, friendly, sociable, and a voracious reader; reading and acquiring more knowledge is part of his hobbies. Benedict spends his leisure time either researching online or reading news on global politics, events, and government affairs.

He has interests in music, football, politics, government affairs, information and communication technology, business management, nature, and wildlife. He is tech-savvy and an active social media user.

Benedict is a devout Christian and a pro-life advocate. Benedict likes to widely network and connects with people, yet he keeps only very few close friends, and he loves spending time alone in a quiet environment.

He is a passionate and strong advocate for wealth creation, creation of job opportunities, economic development, decent work, poverty reduction, gender equality, disability rights, child rights, good governance, right to self-determination, and youth empowerment.

He is also a freelance Senior Content Producer for XClub (Infinix Mobile Nigeria), where he has written out informative, insightful, and engaging topics for more than two years. He is adept at creating rich and engaging articles on various topics that are bristling with:

  • Captivating headline and introduction.
  • Timely and apt contents.
  • Quality-rich information with examples, stats, and extra resources when needed.
  • Timely response, follow-up, and feedback to readers when needed.

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