Stephanie  Cauchi
Joined Meer in May 2022
Stephanie Cauchi

Stephanie is a humble and conservative polite person, she supported herself by working in several industries from hospitality as a waitress, in retail outlets, and as a sales representative. As her son grew into a responsible teenager she then started to look for new opportunities. After five years in off-trade FMCG sales, she felt that she wanted something she could focus on and grow.

Shortly after beginning her new job as a wine & spirits sales representative, she enrolled for the WSET studied which she did with discipline and ambition this changed the way she looked at her job which now had become a career.

Her interest in wine grew by the day. She was eager to learn with passion and love for the world of wine. This new path has shaped her personality into a stronger and more confident person. Stephanie has been given a role to manage a team in the retail wines and beverages where she acts professional and in an energetic manner, understandable, expressing a positive attitude resulting in team success.

While her studies continued with WSET she also studied Viticulture at the University of Malta and is taking her studies further with a diploma in Business and Management. She believes that this will strengthen her skills, self-development and improvement in her current role and further her future possibilities in the competitive retail industry.

She spends her free time reading and keeping herself informed in the wine-evolving business with new trends and possibilities, sharing her experiences and her interest in writing sending a message for a better understanding of the complex world of wine. She likes to talk about grape varieties, what is behind a wine label, wine-making traditions and evolving techniques, viticulture, tasting notes, wine pairing, and more. She is active on LinkedIn and shares interesting posts. She likes to connect with people in the same industry in a professional manner.

Stephanie aspires to be a humble leader, and team player, transmitting her self-knowledge to others while empowering people to become better than they ever thought they could be. Her long-term vision is to specialise in the wine industry and find a passion project. Understanding the complexity of the wine industry she would like to share the history, geography, techniques, and all the other factors involved in a remarkable wine experience.

Her passion for wine and learning will continue in future endeavors. Stephanie believes in constant learning and acquiring more skills for success, happiness, and life achievements. Her belief is the ‘principle of reciprocity' treating other people the way you d like to be treated yourself, in a respectful and non-material manner, she strongly believes this served in her life and also is a powerful tool in her career.

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