James Taylor
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James Taylor

James Taylor is a Scottish writer, interviewer, and editor, whose work spans cultural and academic practices. He studies at the University of Glasgow, pursuing academic research in English Literature, where his main areas of interest are transnational, interdisciplinary, and polyphonic modernisms. His favourite pursuit, other than writing, is reading, which he doubts will be a surprise to anyone. His favourite authors (subject to change) are Leonora Carrington, Muriel Spark, Silvina Ocampo, and James Baldwin, as well as most interwar authors and scholars. To this end, his senior thesis work focused on the spiritually resonant art forms present in the writing of Virginia Woolf, perhaps his current favourite author of all time.

He has written for a number of publications, most recently as an intern for the international arts and fashion magazine METAL, where he was lucky enough to personally interview a number of globally recognised cultural figures, including Carmen Maria Machado, Lulu Yao Gioello, Sam Arbor, Brad Walls, Polly Alderton, and Chloe Moriondo. He has also written and edited for several Glaswegian publications, including Groundings, as an active board member of one of the UK’s foremost student-led scholarly publications for undergraduate research. He has been active as a cultural editor and in-house columnist for Glasgow University Magazine, Scotland’s oldest student publication, and interns for From Glasgow to Saturn, the University’s well-established literary magazine.

With his enthusiasm for academia and the sharing, curating, and cultivating of knowledge across boundaries, Taylor is highly active in independent student academic publishing. He assists as a writer and researcher for the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice, part of an initiative focusing on accessibility, diversity and intersectionality in academic scholarship. His most recent work for the press covers topics such as Neocolonialism and Fabian Socialism, with the intent of making these sometimes difficult research areas more accessible to a general readership. Furthermore, Taylor also acts as a general editor for Jourls Academic Press, which publishes a wide range of interdisciplinary research with the aim to democratise and share knowledge across boundaries.

Outside campus, he writes weekly for online publication Distilled Post as a columnist, covering topics relating to healthcare, technology, business, and culture. As Managing editor of poetry for the literary magazine Erato, he is thrilled to have the opportunity to read, edit and help publish an extremely talented selection of upcoming writers.

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