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Nicole Thiriez

My name is Nicole and I am a London-based Classics student. I was born in Colombia and have been living between Paris, Barcelona, Cartagena, and London for the past 5 years. My background is in Ancient Literature, Arts, and History but I am also very passionate about Philosophy.

I am currently completing my dissertation in Classical Studies where I will be looking at gender and the role of women in Greek Mythology and Literature. I will more precisely be studying women in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey- how they are portrayed and the roles they play in the Greek World.

My thesis is based on the bounding connection female figures have when they are described by a Greek- their fame, power, and honour are entirely dependent on their influence in a man’s life. I will be looking into this and the exceptions, if any, I find in Greek Literature.

Subsequently, I am working at a Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in London where I have the pleasure of meeting artists and collectors from all over the world, as well as handling and displaying their artworks every month. My background in Art History allows me to create a thorough analysis of each artwork’s style, composition and themes.

Although opposites at first glance, these two experiences have given me the opportunity to share subjects I am highly passionate about. With Meer, I am looking forward to exploring topics I encounter in my work and studies. In my writing, you will encounter a fun and fresh take on otherwise dense academic subjects like literature, philosophy, and arts.

I believe the main reason why many people are not interested or do not know about these topics is that they are not presented in an accessible and interesting way. I seek to share my passion for Greek myths, philosophies, and art history with a society that no longer sees these as valuable. I’ll try to make you laugh, I will be relatable and simple- no big words, no fancy topics, and above all I will do my best to express my passion through my words.

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