Rae Toonery
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Rae Toonery

Rae Toonery left school aged 16 and spent over a decade in dead-end jobs.

They returned to education as a 30-something and began their writing career, achieving a 1st for their poetry collection, "Tinsel Torn".

At university, Rae developed an interest in politics and a strong sense of social justice and has since undertaken Stonewall Teacher Training and led colleagues on Anti-bullying initiatives.

A passionate advocate for social mobility, Rae believes in the power of education to unlock an individual's potential.

Rae Toonery is the author of The Boonhill books: a series of yarns set in the fictional village of Boonhill.

Post Midnight Blues, the trapped narrative of a guilt-ridden hermit and her homesick hound, is available to buy on Amazon. The latest book in the Boonhill series is As Long As There's Music, a caustic, existential rock-com.

During the Pandemic, Rae decided to try their hand at blogging and found this the perfect format for fulminating on all manner of 1st world issues, from modern technology to mindfulness culture.

Rae is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, having trained with Stonewall in order to lead training sessions in school settings, as well as organizing school fundraisers and Pride events.

Returning to education in their 30's, Rae completed their BA Hons in Film & Literature at Sheffield Hallam University, before training to be an English teacher.

They now lead the Media department at the secondary school where they have taught for ten years. Not content with juggling novel writing and a demanding career, Rae recently started studying for an MA in creative writing at Hull University.

Rae's biggest influences are Victoria Wood and Sue Townsend. A self-confessed misanthrope, they live with their rescue dog, Jess, in the Midlands.

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