Robin Hawdon
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Robin Hawdon

Robin Hawdon's career has spanned many aspects of the arts - actor, playwright, novelist, stage director, and theatre manager.

As an actor in his younger days, he featured in various stage plays and TV productions in the UK, and made a number of films, starring in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, and the spoof James Bond movie, Zeta One. He was scheduled to film a test for the real James Bond when Roger Moore accepted the role and the test was canceled.

Robin later directed various stage productions, founded the Bath Fringe Festival, and went on to become Director of the famous Theatre Royal Bath, dubbed by Charlton Heston as 'the world's most beautiful theatre'.

As a playwright his plays have been produced in over forty countries, with major productions in London, New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Bonn, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Johannesburg, Russia, Scandinavia, Italy, etc.

As a novelist, his books have attracted many five-star reviews on Amazon. His memoir, 'Almost Famous' recounts his exploits in the show business world, his encounters with the famous names of stage and screen in London and Hollywood, as well as his lively domestic life spread over four different countries.

Although doing quite well as an actor, Robin made the momentous decision to stop performing in the 1980s, in order to concentrate on the business of writing. He explains the reasons for this in his memoir - the trials and uncertainties of the acting profession, and the more creative and self-reliant career of the writer. He and his family - wife, Sheila, and two daughters, all now writers also - left London at that time and moved to the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, one hundred miles to the west of the capital, in order to lead a less hectic life in the tranquil rural surroundings of the West Country.

Ironically however this led to him being offered the job of running the newly refurbished Theatre Royal Bath, where he was plunged once more into the business of staging prestigious shows and dealing with household names such as Lauren Bacall, Deborah Kerr, Charlton Heston, Anthony Hopkins, Peter O'Toole, and many others. Authorship had to take a back seat for a while. Then, after several exciting but exhausting years at the theatre, Robin again took the plunge and made the final decision to lead a full-time writer's life, conducting much of it in sunnier and calmer climes.

His works are eclectic - ranging from stage farces to serious dramas, from literary and Young Adult novels to political thrillers. He finds that the older he gets, the more he feels he has to write about - the political turmoils of the world, the joys of living on a beautiful planet, the pleasures of laughter amongst foolish and self-destructive humanity.

He has however yet to write his gravestone epitaph.

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