Wayne Goldsmith

Wayne Goldsmith is the Managing Director of Moregold Sports Pty Ltd. He is a thought leader, speaker, author, mentor and coach. For almost 30 years, Wayne has worked with some of the world’s leading coaches, athletes and teams with a focus on innovation, creativity, thought leadership and education.

He's the author of "Leading without Leading" - a revolutionary and thought provoking book which challenges the traditional models of leadership and suggests that the best leaders lead by subtly influencing the attitudes and behaviours of others through quality relationships and emotional connection. His podcast "Sports Thoughts" is a popular source of ideas, information and innovations on coaching, performance, team-development and athletic achievement.

Wayne has been recognized for his achievements in sport by the International Swimming Hall of Fame and has been awarded the International Prize for Creativity in Sport. He is driven by a passion to learn and to inspire others to learn – to dare to be different – and to be all they can be. Wayne lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, is a crazy (but terrible) fisherman and loves any opportunity to spend time in the wilderness.

Articles by Wayne Goldsmith

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