Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose is a freelance travel writer and photographer from Bangalore India. In her previous avatar she served the Indian Air Force as an engineer. She is an avid traveler now with a penchant for photography and road trips. On last count, she has traveled to over 22 countries and visited about 300 cities across the globe. Road trips are her favourite way of traveling. “That gives me the opportunity to get close to local people and understand their lifestyle better,” she says. She has always had an interest in exploring the cultures, cuisines and local handicrafts of different countries.

Indrani explores every travel opportunity and views travels as a way to enrich her life. She has lived her dream of visiting the homes of Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Einstein and Anne Frank, her childhood heroes. Her travel blog is a virtual trip to places she has been to. Indrani’s writings have appeared in International and National newspapers and publications. She has worked for several International and National tourism boards promoting their tourist destinations.

When not doing anything related to travels she indulges in bird photography. Her travel related photographs have been exhibited in both national and international forums. She had a photography series in her blog – Faces of India, in which she featured more than 300 people she had met during her travels. She has co-authored a book, Világok, népek, emberek (Worlds, Peoples, Personalities), with a Hungarian writer on her travels through the various cities of Hungary. She is now working hard to complete writing her own book.

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