Elisa Giovannetti
Joined Meer in January 2022
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Elisa Giovannetti

Elisa Giovannetti graduated as an actress from the Italian National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico" in 2011 and she has been working as an actress, theatre trainer and cultural ambassador since.

She stayed in Italy in 2012 to work with Marco Baliani and the biomechanical theatre group founded by Nikolaj Karpov and Maria Shmaevich and in 2013 she moved to France to specialise in Decroux Technique at the Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique in Paris.

Until 2016 she worked mainly in France and divided her time between her work as an actress, teaching mime in Paris schools, and working in cultural activism with migrants and she is involved in several projects in Europe and beyond.

In 2017 she moved to Cologne where she is an actress and trainer at the Port in Air company, while continuing to work as an assistant director, theatre educator and cultural activist for many European festivals and institutions.

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