Nuha Eevana  Binti Md Suhkri
Joined Meer in October 2021
Nuha Eevana Binti Md Suhkri

Living in northern Malaysia specifically in Jitra, Kedah is magical for me. The city was commonly attached to paddy fields making it surrounded by nature. Living there is cleansing as it's less urban and crowded, full of unique culture and food, which makes me more in love with this small city.

I attended Sultanah Bahiyah High School in the north of Malaysia which enabled me to improve myself a lot. It is the first place that gave me many opportunities to grow. The opportunity to become part of the school journalists team was the best experience. It was the kickstarter for me to read and write about current issues. With the strong support system there, I became more confident in myself.

Continuing studies at the Northern University of Malaysia encouraged me to become a more active person and want to continue developing myself. Being involved in various programmes, especially volunteering, boosted my self-confidence and life satisfaction. Grabbing every opportunity to become a volunteer in any programme is the best part of my journey. I also get involved in various article writing competitions such as ALSA Malaysia or SUHAKAM to improve myself more.

As for now, writing and helping others has become my favourite part of life.

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