Chaim  Lieder
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Chaim Lieder

Chaim Lieder holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Swinburne University in Melbourne and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Sydney. Chaim is an active member of the Architecture industry in Sydney, currently working on multi-residential projects where he puts education into practice while building relevant skills and industry relationships.

His interest in journalism was sparked by an interview series he conducted during his undergraduate studies. Chaim noticed a disconnect between school and industry, noting that a large number of students, like himself, were having difficulty breaking in. Chaim conducted a series of interviews with industry leaders to provide a platform to share their knowledge and employment tips. The interviews were published and continue to provide benefit to the wider architecture community.

Chaim is passionate about architecture and its ability to profoundly improve people’s lives, from the grand master plans that shape our cities to the intimate spaces we call home. Chaim believes that architecture has a long-reaching impact on all elements of life, well beyond the site boundaries. In exploring these connections, Chaim aspires to continue providing relevant and thought-provoking insights to his readers on a wide range of somewhat unconventional architecture-related topics.

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