Milana Šarić

In 2017, Milana graduated as the best student of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, majoring in English Language and Literature. She completed master studies at the same university in 2019 and her thesis focused on the implementation of cultural aspects in language tuition. Additionally, she holds an internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate.

Her work experience in the field of English language, starting from 2012, provided her with outstanding teaching skills in traditional and online classrooms. Her interest in communication helps her interact successfully with different people, recognize their talents and assist them in achieving their linguistic and learning goals. Contribution to self-development of other people is, for her, the greatest reward of teaching professionals.

Alongside successful studies and dedication to pedagogical and methodological aspects of teaching, she was continuously conducting research on cultural aspects of language tuition, writing articles about English literature and exploring the intercultural contacts of Slavic and Anglophone traditions.

Milana grew up in Serbia and now lives in Montenegro. Being passionate about linguistics and cultures, she continues learning new languages in order to meet people and understand worldwide lifestyles and traditions. She tries to raise cultural awareness in young people and promote the specificities of her native culture at an international level. The life and career on the Montenegrin coast broadened her understanding of Mediterranean lifestyle and traditions, the yachting industry, journalism, business culture and luxury standards.

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