David Chorlton

David Chorlton is a positive psychology practitioner and mindfulness teacher. He is the founder of meaningfulpaths.com — a platform that provides digital courses and connections to practitioners for your health, well-being and purposeful living and also connects individuals to global community projects. David also voluntarily project manages community development in India, Pakistan and the DR Congo. Such projects include teachings on resilience and entrepreneurship for teenagers in partnership with The Kindness Foundation India and helping children safely move away from child labour into formal education in Pakistan in partnership with the Fondazione Cariello Cobino and more.

Meaningful Paths are also developing a phone and tablet app to create educational modules to help underprivileged teenagers across the world; working closely with charities to adapt and facilitate the needs of each community. Such topics will range from empathy, resilience, entrepreneurship, leadership, sustainability and more.

David has a great passion for learning about different cultures, helping individuals and communities grow and equally growing and learning from individuals and communities as they work together. David is a strong believer that if we work with our core values, practice empathy and work with our strengths that are natural to us, we will begin to thrive in life and be our best self. Through this process we can help create kinder, more collaborative communities.

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