Aisha Williams
Joined Meer in September 2021
Aisha Williams

I am a UK based PhD candidate with an interest in philosophy, art, anthropology and ecology. My background is in fine arts and more recently I have moved into anthropology. I studied at the University of St Andrews and UCC.

My current area of study focuses on the connection between how lived experience in our environment is reflected in the relationships, entanglements and ontologies we form about our environment. I believe that through different modes of reflection, such as through art, philosophy and technology we can form better relationships between the environment and each other.

The inspiration for my writing comes from classical English literature and European philosophy. I write fiction and non-fiction in my spare time. Professionally, I have worked as an English teacher both in the UK and abroad. My time in the industry has shown me the importance of education in the pursuit of social change. I strongly believe that through education we can make the greatest difference to our current political and ecological issues. I hope that by writing I can meet this agenda in at least some small meaningful way.

I believe learning to be the greatest journey a person can take in life and hope to encourage others in their own pursuit of knowledge.

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