Eyal Nir
Joined Meer in September 2021
Eyal Nir

Sensei Eyal Nir is founder of the BuDo-Way program and author of the corresponding Amazon bestseller (translated into 6 languages). A martial artist with more than 40 years’ experience, sensei Nir serves as chairman at the Traditional Karate Federation of Israel and is a World Champion in that art. An engineer by education, sensei Nir has a long career in the global hi-tech industry, from leading R&D teams and projects to becoming a Director of products and more recently a founder of a startup initiative.

Sensei Nir is a very experienced lecturer at academic institutes, currently teaching Technical English and Global Innovation at two universities. Sensei Nir has provided BuDo-Way workshops to many thousands worldwide providing a bridge to BuDo (traditional Japanese martial arts) for participants to leverage and acquire relevant, applicable tools for life (personal and business-related) beyond the usual self-defense context.

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