Melita Cameron-Wood
Joined WSI in September 2021
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Melita Cameron-Wood

Currently working as an editor and writer at Zeit Sprachen, Melita also works as a freelance journalist, voice-over artist, English language teacher, presenter and translator. Being half Maltese and half British, she was exposed to a mix of cultures from an early age, which fuelled her interest in learning other languages and finding out more about other cultures. She went on to study BA French and German at the University of Oxford. During this time, she founded the International Film Society and developed a passion for international cinema. This led to the completion of her MA in Film Studies at UCL, in which she focused her dissertation on films made in Malta. She has written several study guides on the subject of French and German films for Zigzag Publishing: ‘Getting to Know…Cléo de 5 à 7’, ‘Getting to Know…Chocolat’, ‘Getting to Know…Rosenstrasse’ and ‘Getting to Know…Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland’.

Disenchanted by Brexit, she decided to move to Germany in 2018, where she began working at EURO Ingolstadt, a translation academy and school for multilingual correspondents. She later moved to Munich and began working in publishing.

Melita is a curious person with a keen interest in literature, visual arts, travel and mental health. Lifelong learning is extremely important to her and she strives to learn something new every day, be it through books, programmes, or inspiring conversations.

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