“We are identical mirror twins who work collaboratively. Mirroring is particularly significant to our practice because it is one of the greatest defining features between ourselves; Phoebe is left-handed and Lydia is right-handed. We are particularly interested in making drawings, films and text based works centering on exploring our mirrored identity and an apparent psychological bond between ourselves. In ‘Two’ we explore our curiosity concerning the unspoken intimacy between us, what we perceive to be a unified consciousness.

As identical twins we look for similarities and differences in what we encounter because it is how we are encountered socially. The works on show investigate the concept of comparison that we face as twins. We create our drawings independently but use the same images, so that when the drawings are bought together the details are observed with comparison. We therefore think of the process of drawing as a means of discovering how similar our perceptions are, to observe how closely we think and perceive the subject as twins.

Our video and text works extend our desire to own a unified identity. Our films investigate how we respond to the same moments. Spontaneity is used to explore a shared experience of what occurs in real time. We therefore use the excitement of not being in full control of a situation to learn and discover together.”

The Lake Twins are London based artists who exhibit internationally. They began collaborating during their BA Hons at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (2009-2012).