A collaborative show exploring the complexity and paradoxical nature of existence through paint by Polish artists Mazur and Kos.

Andrzej Mazur: "The heroes of my paintings are flesh and blood figures tangled in a web of various dependencies and constraints. The composition is usually limited to one person, sometimes two painted human figures who are organically linked with the place in which they are presented. This allows me to suggest a direct relationship that is not just physical, between characters and their surroundings".

Adam Kos: “I am fascinated by the act of creation, whether in a set of beliefs or in a painting. By recreating the world on a two-dimensional surface I often find a truth more understandable than that of the real world. I react to what I feel is often overly sanitized and projected on us by mass commercialization, religion or politics.”

Andrzej Mazur was born in 1953 in Radom, Poland. He studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw from 1973-1979. He is currently a professor in the Conservation and Restoration Department of the same university. Andrzej specializes in oil paintings with an impressionistic style and enjoys painting from nature. In addition, he paints large murals using various techniques. He was showing his paintings in numerous exhibitions in Poland, and in 2011 in San Pedro.

Andrzej is interested in showing the color harmony of his subjects. He creates his paintings with a mix of color and light, aiming to show the mood and emotions of the landscape. The difference in color and light inspire different emotions that he endeavors to capture on canvass.

Born in 1956 in Poland, Adam Kos attended the School of Art, Folk and Design in Ostroleka. He specialised in sculpture, woodcarving and painting. He was appointed furniture restorer to the Royal Castle in Warsaw and he subsequently worked with Paul Levi, the famous London collector and restorer of old frames. In 1986, Adam came to work in Ireland along with his wife Maria. He now lives full-time in Ireland where he divides his time between Co. Westmeath and Howth, where his residence looks across Dublin Bay, the same scenic landscape that William Orpen and Osborne captured in their paintings.

Kos is a painter with an extraordinary empathy for the Irish imagination. His treatment of Ireland's many aspects ranges from landscapes of hazy Wicklow bogs to innovative and original portraits such as 'James Joyce in New York'.