Dislocation (ˌdɪsləˈkeɪʃən)
1. the act of displacing or the state of being displaced; disruption
2. (esp of the bones in a joint) the state or condition of being dislocated
3. a line, plane, or region in which there is a discontinuity in the regularity of a crystal lattice
4. geology a less common word for fault

In an increasingly transient world where communication is more likely conveyed electronically and we are in continual self-imposed or pressured exile from home or the place we come from, there is an underlying sense of dislocation, missed connections, sometimes a fractured existence in which we piece together our lives. The architectural interruption/installation at 6th Street Container is symbolic of the journeys we take, almost never straightforward, with passages that lead nowhere and the unexpected and delightful spaces we discover. Made from reclaimed lumber, the architectural structures and walkways will redefine the way we can move through the space.

"I create sculpture and environmental installations with architectural and organic structures. With interior and exterior installations, existing architectural features serve as a point of reference to challenge and expand the space, and resonate as markers of visual memory. Drawing from areas as diverse as archeology, myths, and dreams, cultural and scientific conditions, my work examines ongoing cycles of disintegration and cohesion.

Place or site functions as a repository of individual and collective moments and memory, and forms a visceral bridge for the viewer to experience a blending of numerous time-frames, real and imagined.

I am interested in the spaces and metaphors created by the sculpture (object) “occupying” the space, and so the dynamic with the viewer becomes paramount, evoking physical and emotional response to the work and encouraging interaction. The materials I use often come from the place or site: reclaimed architectural elements, wood, metal, blocks of salt, stone, pigments, cement, solar LED lighting, and sound. There is a social and cultural aspect to collecting and using these materials and a narrative that emerges in the work

The archetypal images and forms become a visual and physical language through which I explore our relationship to personal and public spaces, in culture, communities and nature, in an immediate sense and throughout history. " - Lori Nozick, Spring 2014

Lori Nozick was born in the northeast US, and lived in New York for 25 years. She currently lives in Miami and has a studio in the Fountainhead Program in Miami, FL.

Ms. Nozick holds a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art, and an MFA from Pratt Institute. The artist has exhibited her work in galleries and museums , done site-specific installations, been awarded public art commissions, and has received international, national, state, and foundation grants and fellowships for her work.

The artist was invited to do a featured project for SCOPE Art Fair Miami 2012 and created a monumental architectural sculpture. The US State Department Art In Embassies Program has taken two drawings on loan to the Ambassador's Residence in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The artist completed a new public art commission for the UWF College of Business, Pensacola FL, sponsored by the FL Art in State Buildings Program. Her exhibition, "Walkabout", an interior sculpture installation at the Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, opened in September 2012 and the sculpture was installed outdoors at the Deering Estate in Cutler Bay, FL in 2013.

Lori Nozick was awarded the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, and an interview with photos of her work in Sculpture Magazine, "The Girl Who Liked to Smell Dirt", was published in the January-February 2012 issue. Ms. Nozick had a solo exhibition of her drawings and sculpture at berlin art scouts Gallery in Berlin, Germany in September 2010 and was invited to speak at the US Embassy in Berlin.

Ms. Nozick has taught and lectured at Pratt Institute, American University in Corciano, Italy, William Patterson University, and is currently an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College in Miami, FL.

Lori Nozick is represented by the Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami FL.
The artist’s website is www.lorinozick.com

6th Street Container

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Miami (FL) 33130 United States
Tel. +1 (786) 5875279

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Daily 10am to 4pm or by appointment

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