Arebyte is proud to present ‘London Structual Sound Project’ with the artist Florian Tuercke which with the assistance of the general public will transform the area of Hackney Wick, East London and its surroundings to one with the highest density of public microphones in the world and offer a new-unheard way to experience the area. The project is participatory in its nature and invites the public to take a crucial part in its production through the distribution of the microphones throughout the vicinity (1km radius) of the gallery.

Tuercke will assemble 300 mini-contact microphones which will then be handed out to visitors of arebyte gallery to be installed in different locations by the public. The contact-microphones record sound-waves within solid materials and enable the listener to hear sounds which are normally inaudible to the human ear.

A recording-team, consisting of the artist and collaborators will visit each site and take a unique field sample of each place. Each microphone will have its own characteristics; its location and the material it’s mounted on, thus giving a unique sound-scape of the city. The sound of the city will then be used by the artist (together with other sonic art collaborators) to be re-composed within the gallery space to create a macro sound map of the city. The interactive maps (which will be online and projected in the gallery) will grow and expand as the microphones are implemented. The map will feature the sounds and will be as an interactive sound-installation in itself. The audience will be able play with the sounds, discover and compose as they wish. This interactive sound-map will remain after the project as online-version.

Tuercke a German sound artist working mainly in the public sphere, creates works which are interactive and participatory involving the audience in the production process whilst inviting them to listen rather than hear. Tuercke’s latest projects have existed in Spain, Estonia, Finland, Poland, USA and Germany.

The project is kindly supported by Diversity Art Forum, Arbeit Project Ltd and the donation of the public through Indiegogo Crowd Funding.

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