Materials an exhibition of a new film-artwork by David Ian Bickley.

This exhibition is an immersive single channel audio visual piece produced through a project award from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Based on the idea of a spiritual line drawn across the Irish landscape Materials uses various cinematographic techniques to play with time and space, presenting us with an impression of the common Earth elements that are at once alien yet strangely familiar.

The film was produced and photographed by David with assistance from Enda O'Looney (ROOM4, the music / sound design was composed and produced by David in collaboration with Steve Bayfield, Tom Green (The Orb, Another Fine Day) and Dare Mason (Noctorum).

"We look but we don't always see. David Bickley's generous and beautiful work reminds us what we are missing..." - Carmel Winters, filmmaker and director, 'Snap'.

"My audio visual works/installations are abstracted, largely process led adventures mainly on themes of nature/landscape but also with points of reference to mythology and symbolism. They rely heavily on texture and mood and tend to sacrifice the topographical in an attempt to capture the spirit of the places depicted using memory or feeling." - David Ian Bickley