Galleria GUM is proud to present Annie Terrazzo and her Pin Ups in the exhibition “The Pin Ups are back!”.

This is Annie`s first exhibition featuring the American icons which have been a constant presence in American life for almost a century. Originally deemed as soldiers` material, they have become a symbol of healthy lifestyle and entertaining humor. Annie has been inspired by Antonio Vargas, the most famous Pin Ups artist, because he was capable of evoking excitement and surprise.Nowadays Pin Ups have left the space to overexposed and vulgar representations of women.

Annie wants to bring back the spirit that brought fame and fortune to the Pin Ups. She represents women “who are pretty, fun and confident of their sexuality and bodies. That is sexy”.

Annie loves portraiture, old and new.She wanted to find a new and interesting way to show it.Newspapers helped her to achieve her goal.

Soon there will be no printed newspapers anymore. She tries to preserve this heritage in her own way. Each page tells more that she could ever paint. She would like the viewer to read her work, not just to look at it.

Her artist`s statement says much about her work as it does about herself. “There is great beauty to be found. Sometimes you have to go through the trash to find it.”

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