A new series of drawings by Swiss artist Alexander Buhler.

We are very pleased to announce Alexander Buhler's second solo show with us at studio1.1. Alongside his work as a painter he has always been a fabricator too, a maker of minute enigmatic constructions, of boxes. In recent years Buhler has moved increasingly away from painting and into bookmaking. Not book-production, but book-creation, the handmade incorporation of an artist's work into an object also made by hand.

A touch... The sixty drawings in 'Archetypes and Lines' were made to be experienced in book form, held in the hand in private, as a possession. The decision to exhibit came later: so not the catalogue of a show, and not even the exhibition of a book's pages... The touch is the thing, almost. The drawings take a moment, take hold of that moment in fact and move to the next where the same forms recur; a sequence of organic shapes rising to the surface from beyond consciousness, then checked by markings from the controlling or reflecting mind.

Buhler asks how shared feelings are translated onto board, canvas or paper while nevertheless admitting the element of chance that makes them real. Automatic shifts in time and space, coincide with recognisable signs and codes; open pages for open minds.

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