The Garment Project at the Pump House Gallery brings together a range of processes involved in the creation of fashion. Through an in-depth look into industry methods the exhibition will display fabrics and textiles alongside finished and unfinished pieces by top fashion designers as Ada Zanditon, Sonya Kashmiri, Lu Flux, From Somewhere and K2TOG., images of industry workers and workshops. A celebration of the creativity that goes into each step of garment making, curator Orsola de Castro, highlights unseen practises within the conception and realisation of making clothes.

"Behind every designer is a hidden journey populated by skilled technicians and producers. Who makes our clothes? What are they made from? The process of clothes-making is just as interesting as the glamour we surround them with.

Inspiring future generations to understand all aspects of the fashion industry will increment their desire to explore other aspects of design and making, from sewing to pattern cutting, for a more sustainable industry". As part of the project, young people aged 15-19 have been developing their own garments with the guidance of Fashion Enter Ltd (part of in which they have had the opportunity to improve their skills in the design and creation of clothes, with a professional photoshoot taking place to document the pieces produced. Some of the finished articles from this project will be displayed in The Garment Project exhibition.

Orsola de Castro is creative director at From Somewhere and Reclaim To Wear and co founder and co curator of estethica at London fashion week.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a series of free Sunday workshops for all ages from 12 – 4pm and an extensive gallery events programme.

The Garment Project is part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival 2014

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