Mark Thomasson is a photographer obsessed with the changes to the magnificent London skyline. In 1993 his dad saw the first image taken of the Tower of London from the top of Tower Bridge in 1993 National Geographic magazine shot by Jonathan Blair, and since then he has created a personal project consisting of photographs taken over the course of two decades (1994 to 2014) by himself and his father, highlighting the skyline view around Tower Bridge and the gradual peppering of the riverbank with architectural landmarks such as 20 Fenchurch St (more commonly known as ‘The Cheesegrater’), 30 St Mary’s Axe (The Gherkin) and of course The Shard.

‘Tower Bridge itself is my favourite part of London and I can shoot modern London and old London in the same frame,’ explains Mark. Many of the shots are taken at dusk, thus the skyline is lit dramatically by the setting sun and the glow of offices. Some of Mark’s photos are taken from a restricted areas such as the top turret of Tower Bridge and a luxury apartment opposite. Mark worked with the London Tourist Board for several years to achieve this project.

In contrast, Tower Bridge itself is currently inviting visitors to view London not for its landscape but for its huge political and social changes during an even earlier period; exhibiting ‘The Sixties’ in the Walkway Galleries. The exhibition illustrates the cult of the celebrity, the rise of youth culture and of course the fashion of the vibrant era. Iconic images of Twiggy, Michael Caine, the 1966 FIFA World Cup, the Aldermaston marches and many more line the windows which overlook the Thames. One of the highlights is a rare photograph of comedy duo Peter Cook & Dudley Moore taken by producer and director Bryan Forbes as a publicity shot for his film ‘The Wrong Box’ (1966).

Mark Thomasson is currently working on his own photography website.
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