Beaux Arts Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition which encompasses two shows ‘Paul Mount Sculpture’ and ‘St Ives – revisiting our roots’.

St Ives - revisiting our roots
For well over a century, St Ives has cast its magnetic spell over sculptors, painters and writers alike. The first recorded visit was by Turner in 1811. With its sandy beaches, rugged coastline and narrow streets, the sheer beauty of the landscape around St Ives cannot be denied.

In the early 1970's Reg and Patricia Singh ran what was the only commercial gallery in St Ives. At that time gathering together a collection of works by any member of this group would not have been difficult, however, today the reverse is true. Demand for this important group is high.

From the bird's eye views of Peter Lanyon to the radiant colours of Terry Frost, all the artists' work is, in some way, intimately involved with St Ives and the windswept Cornish coast.

Paul Mount Sculptures
After returning to Britain in 1962, Mount settled in St Just in Cornwall, around the time the St Ives artists were reaching the international limelight.

Working quietly at defining his own sculptural language based on interacting shapes, Mount sometimes produced work with a figurative connotation while other times they remained purely abstract.

He became taken by stainless steel, the non-corroding qualities, the variety of finishes that could be applied creating a diverse range of appearances not only to the sculpture itself, but to the environment it was in. Reflections absorb and bounce into the piece itself. "You can build another virtual sculpture inside it with reflections."