Saturday, March 29 opens the new solo show of artist Lucio Forte in Milan at the exhibition hall of the famous ice cream parlor Riva Reno in 8 Col di Lana avenue.

The show titled Freezer, curated by Bridegante, contemplates a selection of experimental paintings made by the artist between 2006 and 2013.
These artworks retrace the theme Lucio Forte is working on for twenty years on the conception and design of architectural structures where it is extreme the complexity of the Euclidean management of the three-dimensional space.

A crossroads of solids and voids, of defined complexities. Freezer is a good opportunity to enjoy one of the best ice-cream of Milan during a dive artistic.

Lucio Forte artist and architect born in Milan, a self-taught painter and cartoonist, designer, 3D modeling, science fiction fan. His research is focused on the extrapolation of the role of art from socio-historical constraints contingent, to look for originality, dynamism and new and different points of view. To search for the infinite sense of what does not exist, in order to coincide with the absence of a palpable reality.

Realize abstract and figurative paintings, futuristic and architectural designs. He partecipated at important exposures in Milan at Monumental Complex of Sant'Eustorgio , in Via Monte Napoleone at the prestigious Sutti law offices, in the Brera district at Amy -d Art Space and at Polytechnic. Its production is also widespread in the rest of Italy and abroad, infact he exhibited at Bratislava's Cultur House, at historical Mosaic Gallery in Chiasso and at Reverberi Arte in Lugano, and even at Modern and Contemporary Art Fairs of Piacenza and Cremona, in the museum rooms of the Baraccano in Bologna, at Palazzo degli Studi di Lanciano and at the Hall of the Palio of the Duke in Acquaviva Picena.

Riva Reno
Viale Col di Lana, 8
Milan 20136 Italy
Ph. +39 02 89408459

Opening hours
Daily from 1pm to 12pm