Last 4th February, with my trusty pilot Leygnac Thierry and my assistant Christophe, who accompany me since fifteen years, we had the deep feeling of never have experienced as many emotions as flying on our shores during a storm.

We took exceptional images of these few hours’ flight in Iroise sea around lighthouses at sea guarding our shores and protecting ships during such dangerous storms. The sea has always fascinated, and Petra storm has allowed us to share these very iodized emotions with all the world thanks to our photo posters, or the film we realized and which has already been seen more than 200, 000 times!

Of seamen I share the gestures and rites, patience which often crowns the rapidity of action. Shapes, clouds, the colour of the water or of the sky, tides, the strength and direction of wind are all signs which make me awake and lead me where I suspect to throw the net. Tirelessly, I try to make them visible.

Photographically Yours
Philip Plisson