Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal and Les Crinquées Productions are delighted to announce a second series of new dates for the multidisciplinary show Until we die! Five dates have been added to those announced last January.

Created by Brigitte Poupart, this show combining theatre, circus arts, dance and electronic music, first presented in 2022 at Arsenal and then last summer at Théâtre Le Diamant in Quebec City has quickly become a must-see.

Until we die challenges the convention and renews the traditional theatrical experience. By wandering through the various scenes scattered throughout the space, and physically rubbing shoulders with the artists, the audience becomes part of the show. Opening with a catastrophe and ending in a festive, euphoric climax, Until We Die tells a story in reverse, meaning that the end of the show is in reality the beginning of the story.

Selected for the 54th edition of the prestigious Tampere Film Festival, the largest short film festival in the Nordic countries, Until We Die is nominated for the “Best Short Film/Art and Experimentation” award at Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma. It is also part of the official competition at the upcoming Festival Regard and the Cinedans Festival, the world’s largest dance film festival, in the “International Short Film” category.