Is it possible to be the height of fashion when the budget just isn’t there to buy the latest items from the biggest stores? Well the answer is yes, it is, but it isn’t about just shopping any more, it is about shopping smart.

Being a fashionista used to be the “in thing” – these days though in the current flailing economic climate we are now hearing the term recessionista more and more often.

Fashion Junkies had to basically “live with it” after paying too much for a single item. Nowadays, you can find a great pair of pumps at your local supermarket. Fashion Retailers not only have prices massively discounted, but they sell big label brands meaning you can still look fashionable on a budget!

Splurging on classics has always been a rule of thumb when buying clothes especially when you on a tight budget. Most people aren’t liking the idea of the word “splurge” right now but something to keep in mind however is to plan on purchasing a few key fashion items over time that will enhance your look and your wardrobe.

Classic clothing and closet staples are a must have for any savvy shoppers wardrobe and popping the same jacket over a dress or a good pair of trousers can totally transform the outfit. Most designers discount their lines resulting in incredible pieces, which can be almost literally worn forever.

Closet staples are a must have and whether it’s a perfectly fitted black Jacket from Tommy Hilfiger or Christian Dior, it needs to be a classic shape that endures the test of time. The little black dress has been doing the rounds for many years and it is worth spending a bit of money on as cheap versions do fade and sag after a lot of use.

Look at clothes carefully before you buy them, linings are a very good sign of good quality. Skirts, trousers, coats and indeed jackets with a good lining hang better and look better, even if teamed up with a cheaper T-shirt or Jumper and some snazzy accessories.

Very rarely do you see the words “designer clothes” and “budget” in the same sentence however, sometimes buying the lowest priced clothes isn’t always the best option. They are more often than not made of a lower quality material and might even have defects from the factory, these used to be called “seconds”. They might not last for very long and some look very “worn” and faded after only one washing.

With so many discounted fashion shops popping up in the high street, gone are the days of the Boutiques, and the big brand stores are suffering on a massive scale. Has the future of fashion really come down to “Primarny” and stores like this?

Personally I think not. These shops may have T-shirts for a few pounds but after a few washes the colours fade and the stitching fails so it really worth it when in a week or so you will be using it as a duster. So do you buy twenty T-shirts at a time and wear them once and throw them away, disposable T-shirts is a new one on me to be honest with you, or do you buy items of a slightly higher quality and actually get some wear and tear out of them?

If you purchase an item made of quality materials, it could last for years, and be used in many ways. For example, if you buy a pair of designer dark blue jeans, you would be able to incorporate them into any outfit, with a blouse or an evening top and jazzy shoes for going out or with a nicely fitted jacket and pumps for the day time. Plus, they would last much longer than a low-budget pair of jeans.

Clothing items and accessories worth investing in include shoes (especially heels), handbags and belts. If you’re looking to do this, consider buying them in neutral colours, such as white, beige, black, dark blues and browns. You would be able to smarten up the dullest dress or add a bit of bling to a normally plain, nondescript outfit.

Being stylish especially when you are working to a tight budget is always a combination of creativity, planning, and patience. “Bargains” may sound just that but can also be very misleading and cannot always give you the very best deal and may indeed cost you dearly in the long run. As long as you go for the style-conscious, smart-shopping route, there's no reason why you can't keep your style and even add to it while keeping your budget seriously in check.

So it is certainly possible to look fashionable on a low budget but you have to shop-smart and do your research properly. Impulse buys are a serious no-no and please avoid the Primarny’s of this world unless you really want to have a wardrobe full of clothing that have faded and gone saggy and baggy after wearing them just the once.

Happy shopping! ;-)