Leila Heller Gallery is delighted to announce the first extensive exhibition by internationally renowned artist Dale Chihuly in the United Arab Emirates; Chihuly: Four Decades of Iconic Work.

Chihuly: Four Decades of Iconic Work, showcases works spanning nearly 40 years from 1985–2023 and celebrates both the monumental installations and more discrete works for which Chihuly is known. The collection features two new large-scale installations and over 50 sculptures in glass, as well as two-dimensional works, connecting various series and decades. Synthesizing ideas and practices of the Studio Glass Movement in North America as well as the traditions of the Venetian Ateliers, Chihuly’s ambitious six-decade-long career has set the bar for glass in contemporary art and redefined the vernacular of abstraction.

From his iconic Baskets and delicate Seaforms to the colorful Macchia, dynamic Soft Cylinders, and mesmerizing Persians, each piece in this exhibition embodies Chihuly’s innovative techniques, bold use of color, and captivating forms. A beacon within the exhibition, Chihuly’s Tower and Persian Wall installations are monumental glass sculptures that redefine the spaces in which they are placed. Whether kaleidoscopic marvels or monochromatic wonders, they cast a spellbinding dance of light and shadow, reshaping environments with their luminous presence.

Also showcased are Chihuly's Drawings and Light Drawings, providing a window into the genesis of his creations. These two-dimensional marvels vividly translate his visionary spirit into a riot of colors and dynamic forms, weaving a tapestry of inspiration. Chihuly's creations continue to enrapture audiences worldwide, and this presentation of works stands as a testament to his lifelong pursuit of pushing the boundaries of glass artistry. Chihuly: Four Decades of Iconic Work is a promise of inspiration, enchantment, and endless wonder.

Born and raised in the state of Washington, US, Dale Chihuly established the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) glass program and the influential Pilchuck Glass School, which together have shaped pedagogy and trained many of the Studio Glass movement’s most recognized names. While Chihuly is well known for his ambitious architectural installations and other soaring creations, his earliest work in glass began on a more intimate scale, weaving small fragments of glass into tapestries. His constant evolution and expansion from that early point are a testament to the extraordinary creativity that has set him apart as the world’s most prominent glass sculptor. With a career spanning nearly six decades, Chihuly has revolutionized the art of glassblowing, pushing the boundaries of the medium and creating some of the most iconic works of contemporary art.

His work has been exhibited and resides in prominent institutions around the world, including the Smithsonian, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Palais du Louvre, and the National Gallery of Australia, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Major exhibitions include Chihuly Over Venice (1995–96), Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem (1999–2000), de Young Museum in San Francisco (2008), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2011), Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond (2012), Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2013), Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (2016), Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas (2017), Groninger Museum, Groningen, the Netherlands (2018), Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London (2019), and Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (2021). Chihuly Garden and Glass, a long-term exhibition that opened in Seattle in 2012.