Galerie Alberta Pane is delighted to present Mujer, mujer, mujer, a double solo exhibition by artists Regina José Galindo and Iva Lulashi, organized in collaboration with the Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani.

Regina José Galindo is a Guatemalan visual and performance artist. Her work denounces social injustices linked to racial and gender issues and also focuses on the abuse of power by institutions within our society. Through deliberately disturbing and shocking art, she seeks to shake up the Guatemalan public, numbed by years of oppression and violence. In the first Parisian space, Galindo presents a panorama of her historic performances from 1999 to 2021, including Piel (2001) and Punto Ciego (2010), through photographs, videos, and an installation. On the opening day, the artist will also perform a reading of one of her poems.

Iva Lulashi is a painter whose work is inspired by the visual culture of the Communist era in her native Albania. In her work, she uses vintage photographs and paintings depicting trivial outdoor scenes, as well as propaganda images, which she mixes with erotic films, blurring the boundaries between genres. The works exhibited in the second space are highly evocative, placing the viewer in the position of a voyeur, spying on female bodies during intimate moments in the middle of nature. Lulashi paints personal, individual stories, often marked by memories of post-adolescent eroticism. For the artist, the nudity of the characters is a way of proving that one can achieve freedom through one's body, but also criticizing the strong censorship imposed on Albanians.

As its title suggests, the Mujer, mujer, mujer exhibition focuses on the woman, questioning her place in today's society, while denouncing the objectification and violence to which she is still subjected to today.

Regina José Galindo lives and works in Guatemala City. Her recent solo exhibitions include: The Body at the Watermil Center, New York (2023); Tierra at Parc Arte Viviente, Turin (2022); No the creo, ADN Galeria, Barcelona (2022); Grito, La Nueva Fabrica, Antigua Guatemala (2022); Rios de Gente, Proyectos Ulravioleta, Guatemala City (2022); El canto de se hizo grito, Prometeo Gallery, Milan (2021).

She has also participated in numerous events, including Documenta14 in Kassel and Athens, the 54, 53, 51, and 49 editions of the Venice Biennale, the XI International Cuenca Biennial, the 29th Ljubljana Graphic Arts Biennial, the Sharjah Biennial, the 2010 Pontevedra Bienniale, 17th Sydney Biennial, 2nd Moscow Biennial, 1st Auckland Triennial, Venice-Istanbul, 1st Canary Islands Biennial of Art and Architecture, 4th Valencia Biennial, 3rd Albania Biennial, 2nd Prague Biennial, 3rd Lima Biennial.

Galindo was awarded the Golden Lion at the 51st Venice Biennal in 2005, in the "Young Artist" category. In 2011, she was awarded the Grand Prize at the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts. The artist is also a recognized poet: in 1998, she received the Myrna Mack Foundation Award for Poetry. Her work has appeared in several anthologies and magazines and 1996 the Colloquia Foundation published her book "Personal y Intransmisible".

Regina José Galindo's works are included in major collections including Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Collection, Tate Modern, Essex, Princeton University, MEIAC, Fondazione Tesco, Fondazione Galleria Civica, MMKA, Murcia Council, Mallorca Foundation, Rivoli Museum Turin, Daros Foundation, Blanton Museum, The Gaia Collection, UBS Art Col.

Iva Lulashi lives and works in Milan. In 2016, she graduated from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. The painter has had several solo exhibitions through the years, including Where I End and you begin at Prometeo Gallery, Milan (2023); Passione cola, passione scorre at Prometeo Gallery, Mila, (2021); Vicino e altrove, a double solo exhibition with Regina José Galindo at Prometeo Gallery, Milan (2020); Love as a Glass of Water at Salzburger Kunstverein (2018); Eroticommunism at Prometeo Gallery; Frames at Villa Rondinelli, Fiesole (2017) and Where I feel there I am at Trart (2016).

Iva Lulashi has also taken part in numerous group shows in Italy and abroad, including Così mi vedi? at Club dei Mille, Milan (2023); Progetto Genesi, Arte e Diritti Umani, Triennale, Milan (2023); Eccentric Spaces, The Artist Room, London (2023); Pleasures, Bazament, Tirana (2022); Giardino all'Italiana, Match Gallery, Ljubljana (2022); Segni di me: il corpo, un palcoscenico, Casa Testori, Milan (2022); La Collezione Impermanente 3. 0, GAMeC, Bergamo (2022); Interaction, Made in Cloister, Napoli (2022); Danae Revisited, Villa Brandolini, Treviso (2021); Italian Twist, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso (2021); Our Other Us, Art Encounters Biennial, Timisoara (2021); Synime, National Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Tirana (2021), National Gallery of Arts, Prishtina (2021); Ti Bergamo, GAMeC, Bergamo (2020); Ciò che vedo. Nuova figurazione in Italia, Galleria Civica Trento, Trento (2020); Libere tutte, Casa Testori, Milan (2019); Passing, Prometeo Gallery, Miami (2019); BienNoLo, Milan (2019); Collezione San Patrignano, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence (2019); Revolution is Us, Autostrada Biennale, Prizren (2018); Ex Gratia, Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone, Milan (2018).