As Black History Month unfolds, NYCH Art Gallery is proud to once again announce our annual exhibition celebrating the vibrant Black artistic expression, this year featuring two Nigerian artists. Showcasing a diverse range of talent, the exhibit titled “BLVCK X" offers a captivating journey through the intricate narratives, traditions, and identities of Nigeria's cultural landscape.

Nigeria, renowned for its rich heritage and artistic prowess, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for the featured artists, whose works reflect the country's dynamic spirit and historical significance. Bold and vivid paintings capture the essence of daily life, and each piece embodies the resilience, creativity, and beauty inherent of African culture as a whole, speaking to the true diasporic essence of Black History Month.

This year’s exhibition features the work of artists Aragbada Olayinka Stephen and Daniel Ayomide Emmanuel, whose innovative approaches and distinct styles have garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. Their pieces delve into themes of identity, heritage, and the human experience, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue that transcends borders and fosters cultural understanding.

“BLVCK X” invites art enthusiasts, cultural connoisseurs, and the wider community to immerse themselves in the beauty and complexity of this art celebrating our Blackness.