Zawyeh Gallery launched a new group exhibition titled Posters for Gaza, with the participation of 26 Palestinian and Arab artists. The exhibition aims to shed light on the ethnic cleansing and horrific massacres taking place in the Gaza Strip, demanding a cease-fire and the recognition of Palestinian rights to live freely on their land with dignity. Four participating artists are originally from the Gaza Strip, where they have lived and have families.

Uniformly sized and designed in a simplified manner, the posters reflect uniqueness in terms of style, materials, and the underlying narratives. Steering away from the digital norm, participating artists poured their effort into producing those posters, utilizing a variety of materials, including acrylics, inks, charcoal, collage, and mixed media, while some artists employed various digital design techniques.

Representing a long tradition in Palestinian history, political posters were produced extensively in the seventies and the eighties by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, with the contribution of Palestinian, Arab, and international artists. Posters played a crucial role then in supporting the justice of the Palestinian cause and promoting it globally, guided by the freedom, dignity, resilience, and the ongoing aspiration for independence, sought by Palestinians.

Participating artists: Asad Azi, Aude Abou Nasr, Bashar Alhroub, Bashar Khalaf, Bashir Makhoul, Dyala Moshtaha, Fuad Alyamani, Haneen Nazzal, Hazem Harb, Hassan Manasrah, Hosni Radwan, Issam Alhaj Ibrahim, Jafar Dajani, Khaled El Haber, Mahdi Baraghithi, Majdulin Nasrallah, Mohammed Joha, Nabil Anani, Rana Samara, Reda Alyasari, Saher Nassar, Sliman Mansour, Tayseer Barakat, Vera Tamari, Wadei Khaled and Yazan Abu Salameh.