Cross Currents is a group exhibition featuring Alvin Armstrong, April Bey, Eunnam Hong, Gabriel Mills, Gisela McDaniel, Li Wang, Rozeal., Sahana Ramakrishnan, Tajh Rust, and Tidawhitney Lek co-curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah and Micki Meng, celebrates the profound influence and dynamic relationship between communities of Black and Asian heritage in shaping contemporary culture.

Spanning across centuries and continents, the Black and Asian diasporas have emerged as crucial pillars, forging expansive identities and making undeniable contributions to the global tapestry of life. These communities have functioned as a cultural, social, and creative bedrock that has shaped American society today.

The exhibition explores the symbiosis between these communities to discover the shared values, intersections, and influences in addition to solidarity within the rich contours of these two vibrant cultural groups. Embedded within the fabric of Black and Asian cultures are deep-rooted spiritual connections to ancestry, memory, storytelling, and the natural environment. Through multiple crossings and migrations across oceans, continents, and cities, the Black and Asian diaspora have cultivated a unique sense of in-betweenness, hybridity, and biculturality. These multifaceted perspectives are at the core of our investigation.

The exhibition highlights the parallels and ‘cross-currents’ between the experiences of these communities, showcasing how artists have fearlessly examined their multifarious collective histories and utilized their practices as a platform to articulate the future. Through their work, they navigate a nuanced entanglement that defies linearity and stasis, embracing fluidity and constant evolution.

Cross Currents aims to serve as a testament to the enduring influence and creative brilliance born from the fusion of Black and Asian cultures in American society and around the globe. We invite you to embrace the richness of these interconnected narratives and reflect on their profound impact on our shared global heritage.