Following her inaugural exhibition at Piero Atchugarry Gallery (Miami) in 2022, Alicia Viebrock, the young German abstract painter, makes her mark in Uruguay ahead of her residency in Tierra Garzón, with a debut exhibition— Metamorphosis. The exhibition features a new series of gestural paintings that embody transformation and the emergence of new endeavors.

Viebrock’s intuitive use of high-flowing ink and acrylic pigments yields expansive color fields on the surface that capture the artist's primal realities in a metamorphosis state. Exposing an unbridled symphony of drips pours, splatters, and sprays of brightly colored gradients, each piece results from a concentrated outburst of energy emerging from chaos— the painting itself a relic of the action. The energetic release transforms the gallery space into a dynamic palette, where each piece contributes to a harmonious composition that transcends the boundaries between individual pieces and the collective whole.

The juxtaposition of large-scale paintings and smaller works on linen offers a nuanced exploration of the artist’s distinct states of consciousness. The visually explosive nature of the larger pieces, such as in “Herr Lambrusco”, 2023 contrasts with the control displayed in the smaller work “Dolci y”, 2023, showcasing the artist’s versatile collaboration with material and emotion. As viewers immerse themselves in Viebrock’s Metamorphosis each stroke and color selection unfolds as an experience, beckoning to be observed and embraced, serving as a testament to the artist’s ability to transmute chaos into a mesmerizing and unified visual narrative.

Alicia Viebrock (b. 1986, Munich, Germany) studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Professor Herbert Brandl lives and works in Cologne, Germany. She has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions at renowned institutions such as the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Museum Wiesbaden, Kunstverein Recklinghausen, Germany, Sammlung Grässlin, Fundación Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson, the Rubell Family Collection, and the Jorge Perez Family Collection.