PRG is thrilled to open our 2024 exhibition calendar with a stunning collection from Jite Agbro. Her first solo exhibition with PRG, this eagerly anticipated body of work showcases Agbro's unique encaustic collage technique and dives into significant and timely explorations of the invisible systems that shape our identities and the ways that perception is manipulated by social structures.

The core of my work is about unseeable systems, but the figurative forms are ultimately about projection and the ways perception is manipulated by social structures. This series explores how isolation— both structural and social isolation and personal experiences of solitude— affects our relationship with society. Specifically, how this plays out in public, where countless unspoken rules, codes, or expectations dictate social norms. Norms have a profound effect on our public selves. It is in public where we decide whether to conform or descent, where we witness the successes and failures in the lives of others, and where we begin to unpack our own beliefs. However, the understanding of value through public experiences can breed detachment. The more intimate we are with the greater society, the more we feel alienated from it.

(Jite Agbro)