The latest series of oils by landscape painter John L. Cleaveland, Jr. focuses on scenes from Vietnam. In keeping with a long-standing tradition within his work, the contemporary realist made two trips this year to the Southeast Asian country to explore and document areas that bore witness to significant conflict. Cleaveland's paintings are gorgeous in stunning detail, with palpable grit and energy, making the viewer feel like they could walk into the image.

John L. Cleaveland, Jr. (b. 1963) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Georgia. Known for his breathtakingly realistic oil paintings, Cleaveland offers viewers a timeless glimpse into iconic southern scenes as well as vast pastoral expanses of the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

40 years of every day is where it starts. Patience for the subject, patience for myself, and trying to attain a new eye every day that I might be able to communicate what I feel and see with my audience, followed by attention to the conversation that is created.

(John Cleaveland)