Alberta Pane Gallery is delighted to present Nos Natures, an exhibition by French artist Marie Denis, with a film realized in collaboration with artist and filmmaker Vladimir Vatsev.

Conceived as an "ethnography of nature" in two chapters, this exhibition features both prints, sculptures, and installations by Marie Denis and a film by Vladimir Vatsev, resulting from close cooperation between the artist and the filmmaker.

Although generally described as sculptural, Marie Denis's work takes on a wide variety of forms, with botanical principles as the common thread. Her work reinvents the forms of nature, blending plant specimens and objects transformed by experimentation with materials, and cross-fertilizing artisan skills imbued with ecological awareness.

For this exhibition, the artist invites us to plunge into her universe, through her latest explorations of materials, as well as older landmark works that have been redesigned for the occasion.

The film presented in the second space of the gallery, directed by Vladimir Vatsev, takes us into a dark, hypnotic universe. Here we find the artist's Masques, worn by silhouettes dressed in black, crossing and stretching time, whether in forests, industrial or Gallo-Roman sites, and even the famous Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval.

Created in 2010 during workshops at the École des métiers du Lot in Cahors, the Masques series has since been reinvented on several occasions. Hybrid and polymorphic, the Masques take the form of moving sculptures, made from plants and various recycled materials.

This show takes us in a dreamlike, unsettling universe, reminding us of our close, paradoxical relationship with Nature.