Artbooth Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of "Generational Gifts," a collective exhibition showcasing an array of dynamic artworks of Raffi Yedalian, David Daoud, Caleen Ladki, Karine Hochar, Nafiseh Moeini, Noor Bhajat, Neda Ghayouri, Abdessalem Elfalah, and Afra Al Suwaidi. The exhibition will be on display at Artbooth’s gallery space on the ground floor of Centro Capital Centre by Rotana in the ADNEC area.

Art is considered to be one of the timeless gifts you can offer to someone, demonstrating the same range of emotions and sentiments in the future as it does today. Whether personal, social, or professional, gifts are an integral part of any relationship. A world without art is unimaginable, as it is essential, giving life and meaning to everything around us. Art helps us form a deeper connection with our emotions, creating self-awareness and opening our minds to new ideas.

According to an online blog published on November 27, 2019, by 360 Magazine, titled "Why Painting Is The Perfect Gift," various studies have proven that art has a significant impact on the quality of our lives. When we indulge in art, we elevate our mood, improve our ability to problem-solve and open our minds to unique ideas.

Neurobiologist Professor Semir Zaki from the University College of London states that staring at artwork stimulates the brain in the same way falling in love does. The brain releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical associated with romantic feelings, evoking emotions of affection and attachment that are quite pleasurable. Artbooth Gallery is pleased to bring works by nine talented and young artists to its art enthusiasts, each presenting pieces in different styles. Every artwork in this selection is intricate and possesses distinctive features that make it unique and personal. We invite you to explore these beautiful works and be transported to a new realm.

The exhibition showcases a variety of styles and themes:

Raffi Yedalian, a Lebanese-Armenian painter and sculptor, presents two works, that explore thematic and stylistic dichotomies, creating a tension between emotion and form.

David Daoud, a French-Lebanese painter, exhibits two pieces from his floral series, revealing an interplay of nostalgia and dream-like aesthetics.

Caleen Ladki, a rising artist, captures transformative life moments, symbolizing the journey from uncertainty to triumph.

Neda Ghayouri, supported by Zonpass Art Consultancy Specialized in Iranian Art, showcases a monotype on paper and fabric highlighting transformation and nature.